Buyer's Guide

Who you chose to partner with through this process, matters more than ever. You want a team like us on your side. We will listen to your needs and will help you navigate the market and the many challenges we may run into. We will customize the process to your needs to help you reach your home ownership or/and investment goals.

1. Meet with VSG Homes and set your home goals

Setting a meeting (in person or via zoom) with us before starting any other steps of the search, has proven to set the process for success. We will listen to your needs and wants, we will go through the process of buying and how we can help you. We’re here to answer the many questions you may have.  We will listen to your needs and focus on meeting your goals.

2. What our Clients Say about partnering with us through the process.

3. Determine your budget

Figure out how much cash you have for a down payment and closing cost. Typically, the closing cost will be approximately a percentage of the purchase price. (approx. DC 3.5%, VA 2.25% and MD 3.5%)

Find out your credit score and whether you need to take action to remediate. 

Calculate how much you would be comfortable spending monthly toward your new home, including your principal, interest, taxes, insurance, condo fee (if any) and utilities. Consider your lifestyle and how this purchase may impact your monthly budget. 

Meet with a local lender to discuss your options. (We are happy to recommend a few). They will look at your credit, all accounts, income, and debt history to calculate what you can realistically afford.

4. Finding Your Dream Home.

The fun begins! There are two stages in the buying process (Research stage and focus stage) Understanding your motivation for the move will help keep you focused on your priorities.

  • We will help you understand the different home types and their pros & cons
(Condos vs. Co-ops vs. Fee Simple)
  • We will help you locate the areas, depending on your budget and needs. 
  • It would be great if you Make a list of your must haves, would be nice to have and the deal breakers
  • Think about the type of neighborhood you see yourself in
  • Anticipate how long you want to live in this home 
  • Communicate with your agent about your needs

5. Let’s Make An Offer

Yes, dollar amount is a primary consideration at this step.  There is more to it than that, though, and VSG Homes has the negotiation experience and expertise to secure the terms most beneficial for you.  Our customized process has us evaluating your situation all along, analyzing the market, the competition (if any) and the details of the sale.  This allows us to construct a strategic offer to help you win.

6. Arrange inspections

No need to worry about navigating the internet for the endless possibilities of who to call for this step.  VSG Homes has a list of recommended, prescreened professionals who will: 

  • Check the major systems and components for potential problems.
  • Point out the positive features of the property.

7. Move to settlement

As with the contract offer in Step 4, there are individual parts to this step, including:

Our recommendations of a settlement (or title) company to conduct your settlement.
Your securing of hazard insurance—we can help you find a good insurance company if needed.
Our timing of the paperwork including managing all parties and keeping the process moving.
Final walk-through, before we go to the settlement table.
Our vigilance at the settlement table (of last-minute questions, clarification of details, and so on).

After that—and some other details we’ll help you with—it’s time to begin packing!

8. Move in

Congratulations!  You’re in your new home, but we’re still here for you.  Our focus does not end at settlement.  Contact us with questions, for advice, or to discuss new ideas you may have.  Consider VSG Homes your resource, no matter your real estate needs!

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